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8 Ways to remain healthy with pointed gourd | Health benefits of pointed gourd

Health benefits of pointed gourd

Pointed Gourd
  1. Regular eating of curry made from pointed gourd improves digestion.
  2. Pointed gourds provide remedies for fever, cough and toxicity of blood. It should be consumed for two months continuously.
  3. Pasted pointed gourd if applied on a bald head for two months stops hair loss and helps in growth of new hair.
  4. One spoon mixture of honey and pointed gourd (bitter) if taken for three months helps in reducing dysfunction of the gallbladder, body irritation and dryness of the throat.
  5. 20 grams of pointed gourd roots, boiled and mixed with sugar is also an effective remedy for feverish condition arising out of gallbladder dysfunction. This mixture should be taken for forty days.
  6. Soak 10 grams of pointed gourd leaves (bitter) and 10 grams of coriander powder in a cup of water overnight. In the morning remove the mixture from water, mix it with honey and take twice a day. This should be continued for twenty-five days. A very effective remedy for all types of body worms.
  7. Pointed gourd is also good for skin. Make a paste of pointed gourd(bitter) and neem leaves(margosa). Wash boils, skin rashes, abscess, with the paste for quick heeling. Follow this process for three days.
  8. Juice extracted from leaves of pointed gourd (bitter) is an effective solution to hair loss. Apply on affected areas of the head for two months and see the benefit.


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