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10 Simple Daily Habits to burn Fat and Lose Weight

Your eating habits are the key to your weight loss journey. Weight management has become the most important part of our lifestyle. It’s all about the choices you make throughout the day. Fat loss is a bit challenging task, but with hard work, dedication, and consistent efforts you can melt that fat and look good.

Today there are lots of fad diets and supplements that claim quick results in seven days or overdose of the gym may help you lose a few pounds but may not help you in long run. You will end up gaining weight again with some extra pounds.

 It’s all about the habits that you live with and the lifestyle you live. Making just small changes in your day-to-day activities and lifestyle habits can bring results that you can’t expect. Incorporating minor changes into your lifestyle can bring a big result to your body and health. We have studied some of the habits backed by research that help keep your weight stable.

Here are 10 habits that will help you to manage your weight and make you fitter.

1. Eliminate processed carbs

Processed foods are the topmost factor to gain you those extra pounds. They do nothing to your body just make you feel fuller for some time. They are high in sugar and low in other nutrients and fiber. In addition to this, it contains harmful artificial ingredients such as additives and preservatives.

Processed foods are high in calories that bring your body’s metabolism down and gain you extra pounds faster.

It is better to eliminate them from your daily diet and add some more nutritious and fiber-rich food to your diet.

2. Reduce the size of your dinner plate

The full dish makes the fake illusion in our mind that the meal is looking bigger, so our mind receives the signal that you are having the higher portion of food in your dinner.

Therefore, it is a good idea to use the dinner set of smaller sizes than you usually use. It tricks the eyes and makes the brain think you’re eating a larger quantity of food. As a result, you will eat lesser food.

3. Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the other two meals we eat during the day. Skipping breakfast affects the rest of the day because it gives you enough energy to keep you productive and energetic. It also helps you maintain a healthier weight.

Several studies show that eating breakfast can help you lose weight. When you skip breakfast, you usually get more hungry till lunch and you tend to eat even more without thinking about the portion of food. This will add you to some extra pounds.

Skipping breakfast slows down your metabolism so that you gain some extra weight.

4. Eat more veggies

Vegetables are a low-calorie and high-energy diet to help your body to eat healthier. It is a good idea to fill your plate with vegetables that prevent you to eat junk foods and also helps in managing the calories so as to help you in weight loss.

It is the easiest way to consume fewer calories and feel full and more satisfied. Vegetables are rich in important nutrients for the body’s better functioning while keeping your body energized. It contains starch and fiber which helps your body’s digestive system.

Start with one cup ofthe amount at the beginning as a salad with every meal of the day continuing for a week, after that you can increase the portion and take them with more meals.

5. Get quality sleep

A good night’s sleep can help you to lose weight faster. When the time of your sleeping hours decreases the hormones get unbalanced which are responsible for your appetite and how fast you get hungry. Sleep regulates the hormones responsible for appetite called ghrelin and leptin. When you do get not enough sleep these hormones get unbalanced so that you feel more hungry and tend to eat more.

So go to bed earlier and turn off your all devices half an hour before your time of sleep. Getting some extra hours of sleep may also help you lose weight according to studies.

6. Eat protein-rich foods

Protein is the building block for your body’s muscles, especially lean protein. Protein is the essential part of your diet that helps to build and maintain the muscle mass of your body also helps to repair the broken tissues and make them stronger.

Some sources of lean protein are almonds, eggs, beans, tofu, and chicken.

A high-protein breakfast can help you feel more energetic and also aid in weight loss. Protein helps in weight loss by decreasing the level of a hunger hormone called ‘ghrelin’. This hunger hormone is responsible for appetite and makes you feel hungry after sometime faster.

7. Go with stairs

Choosing the stairs is the toughest choice when there is the lift but is the complete workout to help you burn calories and lose weight. When you go through stairs more often will have a big impact on your weight loss journey over time.

Walking instead of driving for the short time can help to burn calories at a rate that you can’t imagine.

Don’t sit for a longer time, instead of climb on stairs to keep your body moving.

8. Prepare your lunch yourself

You should take out some time to make your lunch. It will help you to know what exact ingredients you are using to make it and put in your body and are you getting the nutrition from them?

You will also be less likely to eat processed food, this will help you to cut those extra calories.

9. Don’t cheat on weekends

When you eat well from Monday to Saturday but skip your healthy meals on the weekend you will end up gaining weight and will not get results as per your expectations.

10. Walk after having a meal

It is a good idea to have five to ten minutes of a walk after having lunch or dinner to help you lose weight faster. This type of small activity helps you to burn your calories and prevent you from storing fat. Exercise atleast 30 minutes a day to maintain a healthy weight.


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