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Best ways to boost your Immunity Naturally

In the today’s time, COVID – 19 Or CORONAVIRUS has been stated as a global pandemic by WHO (WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION). People all over the world are being suffered by this danger virus and if we talk about the current status, this virus is getting multiplied day by day that makes our living hell. 

Well guys, there are some anticipations that an individuals can take to get rid of this pandemic and the best way to be safe from this infection is to stay hygiene, stay healthy and boost up your immunity level. 

In the below article, we are going to share with you some crucial measures, which you can follow up to be safe from this hell virus and boost your immunity system. 


Eat Healthy to boost your immune system
Eat Healthy to boost your immune system

The First measure you need to follow is to eat healthy. Food plays a key role in keeping you healthy and hygiene. The clean is your diet, the more you are healthy. To boost up your immunity level, you need to consume food with low carbohydrates which will help in maintaining your blood pressure as well as sugar level. 

Avoiding high carb foods is not only the proper diet. Along with this measure, you also need to consume foods riched with high protein that keep your body fit and give you a best shape. Along with the food rich with high protein, your body also needs other essential vitamins like ascorbic acid, fibre, beta carotene and much more. Foods like spinach, ginger, gooseberries, turmeric and fresh fruits will be the best option to boost your immunity level and be safe from this infection. 


Exercise to boost yout immunity
Exercise to boost yout immunity

The second measure you need to keep in mind is to do regular exercise. With a proper diet plan, you also need to follow an effective exercise routine. Exercising daily makes your body release toxins. A regular 30 – 40 min exercise will make your body fit and boost up your stamina as well as immunity level. 


Proper Sleep

Proper sleep is also very essential. A daily 7 – 8 hours of sleep is the best way to help your body frame immunity. The less you will sleep, the more you will be tired which will effect your other body functions. 

Moreover, our health department are trying their best to make us free from this virus. We would suggest you to follow the rules mentioned by the government and maintain social distancing, be hydrated, eat healthy, wash your hand after every interval and be clean the fight against this COVID – 19 will be end soon.



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