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6 Best exercise to reduce belly fat

Having a slim fit body is still a dream for many people today. If you are one among them who want to live a healthy lifestyle, loose belly fat and stay fit then we suggest you to follow our exercise chart that we are going to provide you in this article.

Belly fat is the most obstinate fat stored in your body that surrounds whole organ of your stomach and won’t allow them to function properly. This belly fat can also become the reason for all the upcoming deasis in your body like diabities, stroke, cancer, heart deasis and etc. So, replacing your lifestyle with a healthy lifestyle will be the great option for you rather than to face all these deasis.

Here in the below are the list of 6 best exercises that you can follow to get a slim tummy and before starting your exercise we would suggest you to have a minimum 10 minutes of warp up.

Now coming to the exercises,


This exercise hits the lower abs, upper abs, glutes and quads of your body.


Thistle exercise fits best for you if you want to reduce belly fat. However, running also helps you to increase your stamina and the best part is that this exercise help your body to fight with various deasis like diabities, cancer etc.


Try this exercise to reduce your side belly fat. This exercise is most effective for you as because this hits on lower abs, upper abs, hamstrings and quads.


This exercise targets your lower and upper abs and help you to get flat stomach.


This exercise is bit similar to the crunches which helps to burn body fat quite fast by targeting your upper and lower abs, glutes, obliques, quads and hamstring.


One of the most effective exercise to get lean and flat stomach. This workout hits the lower abs and upper abs of your body and burns your belly fat.

Along with all these exercise, you also need to plan a proper diet which excludes foods with high carbohydrates and includes foods that gives high protein and vitamins. The most toughest part while dieting is to avoid street junk foods that are rich with high carbs and generate body fat. So, for a proper dieting, you must avoid fast foods and follow these exercise on daily basis.


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