8 Ways to remain Healthy while having green vegetables

8 ways to Remain Healthy while having green vegetables

It is advised to avoid peeling of vegetables prior to cooking them in order to retain the nutrients within them. This is because the skin of vegetables necessary nutrients which is as good as the vegetable itself.

8 Ways to remain Healthy while having green vegetables
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Below are some ways to retain the vitamins of vegetables.

1) Wash the vegetables before cutting instead of washing them after cutting.
2) Do not keep the vegetables in water for long after cutting them.
3) The time duration between cutting of vegetables and cooking them should be kept as minimum.
4) Do not shred the vegetables or cut them extremely slender.
5) After the vegetables are cut care should be taken to ensure that they are not exposed too long to sunlight or open air.
6) Eating of the leaves of lettuce or similar leafy vegetables along with some other vegetables should be eaten without applying salt to it.
7) Preparation of the salad should be done just before serving it.
8) People who do not smoke or drink, do not take medicines and have a habit of consuming healthy food like rice, pulses, milk, fruits and vegetables do not require to take any additional dose of vitamins to keep themselves fit. Intake of vitamins or minerals which are naturally found in fruits or vegetables are not harmful even if taken in considerable quantities.

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